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A young couple with Down’s syndrome must overcome prejudice and danger, to try and save the AI baby they want to adopt. A film about the disposability of disability.

Director: Rebekah Fortune

Writer: Alex Bahiyyih Wain
Executive Producer, Alison Owen
Producers: Jo Farrugia & Lewis Faithfull

Bebe ai poster laurels.jpeg


Director: Rebekah Fortune

Writer: Carmela Corbett

Composer: Pete Townshend

Producer: Carmela Corbett

The future Queen of England stands alone, she must find a way to address her subjects. The year is 2020.

Her majesty tells the story of an old lady with dementia and the grandson who loves her unconditionally. Poetic and nostalgic in style, Her Majesty is a story told with intimacy, whimsy, and a large dash of magic.



Director: Rebekah Fortune

Writer: Laura Turner

Producer Clare Pearce

Animator: Rachel Ballester

Funded By BFI Network

Winner Visibility Film Festival,

Oska Bright,

Bolton Film Festival,


2 Midlands Movies Awards.

On the isolated Lincolnshire fens, a young man struggling to process her recent Aspergers diagnosis discovers a life-affirming magical talent for animation.

Just Charlie

Winner of The Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

Cannes Film Festival Ecrans Juniour 2019

Over 15 International Festivals

Director:  Rebekah Fortune

Screenwriter:  Peter Machen

Producer: Karen Newman for Seahorse Films
Sales Agent: Media Luna

US Distribution: Wolf Releasing, Amazon, I tunes

UK Distribution: Sky Movies

Theatrical Release across Europe

An inspiring and heart-warming story of a fun-loving teenager Charlie, who decides to unveil a well-guarded secret that takes him on a road paved with obstacles, prejudices, and confusion. 

Football is Charlie’s joy. When he has the ball at his feet, he can make magic happen - a gift that many teenage boys only dream of. Now the opportunity for Charlie to play professionally has come along. It looks like Charlie will be able to succeed where his father could not. 

But Charlie has a secret, a secret locked in his heart. Now, with his future seemingly mapped out, the secret cannot stay hidden any longer. Charlie’s decision to reveal the truth tears his once united family apart and puts his friends in turmoil. No-one is quite sure of themselves or each other anymore and the road back to harmony is paved with obstacles, prejudices and confusion. 




Director:  Rebekah Fortune

Screenwriter:  Barry Lewis

Producer: Karen Newman for Seahorse Films

Squidge a quirky teenager with aspergers struggles to be understood by her family and schoolmates. Perceived as weird she is ostracised becoming increasingly lonely and withdrawn. Her only outlet is her love of Anime and Manga which she draws in order to express her feelings.

Then she meets 50 year old Louie, suffering from agoraphobia Louie never leaves his house but he can see that Squidge is special.

As a bond between them develops, the outside world begins to question the motives of the middle aged loner and his pretty schoolgirl friend.

Something Blue

Director:  Rebekah Fortune

Screenwriter:  Peter Machen

For some, the world is not as simple as being pink or blue.


Official Selection Vegas Film Festival, Boston Film Fest, Oregon Film Fest, Frauen Film Fest, Seattle Translations, Inside Out Toronto, Nominated: Best Short Stoke your fires, Best Midlands Film. Selected for Channel 4 Shooting Gallery.


While a family prepares for their eldest daughters wedding, the most feminine day of a girls life,  a young boy struggles to claim his true identity. Paul is the proud father of Charlie. But when he discovers that Charlie is secretly struggling with Gender Dysphoria (born the wrong gender) he begins his own struggle to discover what being a father really means.

Something Blue is a moving and uplifting film that makes its audience reconsider its attitudes to things outside the accepted norms and rejoice in the pain and beauty of a parent that loves its child unconditionally.

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